Laboratory Manager and Quality Assurance lead

Keeley joined Oncologica at the start of 2017 as our Laboratory Manager and Quality Assurance lead. She is responsible for overseeing all laboratory operations, staff training, and the management and development of Oncologica’s Quality Management System to ensure that our team is working to certified standards. Keeley also assists our scientific team with Next Generation Sequencing and contributes to the overall development of our services. Keeley has a BSc in Forensic Science and Neuroscience following her studies at Keele University and was awarded an MSc in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine at University College London. Following her academic studies Keeley has gained over five years’ experience working as a Genetic Technologist in an ISO15189 accredited Molecular and Cytogenetic in a number of leading laboratories including Great Ormond Street Hospitals (GOSH) and Guy’s St Thomas’. During this time Keeley gained expertise in a wide range of molecular diagnostic techniques including  blood extractions, microarrays, PCR, Sanger sequencing, Next-generation sequencing, MLPA, haplotyping including the establishment and implementation of  quality control systems. In parallel to the laboratory work, Keeley was involved in organising specialised laboratory training for colleagues, carrying out local inductions in addition to the management and development of control documents relating to laboraotry procedures.

Keeley is registered with the Academy for Healthcare Science.