Lead Clinical Scientist

Keeda-Marie Hardisty is a clinical scientist with major expertise in Next-Generation Sequencing-based analytics and decision support in oncology. She is responsible for preparing and reviewing data for the creation of clinical reports in conjunction with Oncologica’s surgical pathologists. Keeda also plans, coordinates and delivers our treatment decision support service for cancer patients and organizes logistics, timely production and communication of the diagnostic reports. Moreover she is involved in the development of workflows and innovative tools to better analyse NGS data for patient care.

Keeda has a broad scope of experience gained from a career that has spanned several genetic disciplines.  After gaining her BSc in Forensic Science Keeda worked for the Forensic Science service, focussing on the processing and analysis of samples for DNA based individual identification. In 2008 Keeda moved into the Healthcare sector and qualified as a HCPC registered Clinical Scientist in Molecular Genetics. Keeda’s 5 year career at the Regional Genetics laboratory in North London instilled an in-depth knowledge of germline genetics and the associated technologies. In 2013, Keeda further enhanced her scope by achieving employment at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London. Here under the guidance of Dr David Gonzalez De Castro, Keeda specialised in the Molecular Pathology of Acquired Disease. Keeda delivered personalised patient care using a range of tests and technologies to assess diagnostic, predictive and prognostic markers in solid tumours and haematological malignancies.

Keeda was integral in the implementation of the Cancer Research UK Stratified Medicine programme (SMP2) which employed multigene next generation sequencing panels for the stratification of patients into the National Lung MATRIX trial.