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Oncofocus Test Kit
includes suggestions for Iodixanol

Oncofocus is the world’s most comprehensive precision oncology test that precisely identifies the right drug for your cancer thereby increasing your chances of successful treatment.

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Company: Nycomed
Approval Status: FDA Approved April 1996
Specific treatments: diagnosis of disease in major organs
Drug: Iodixanol


General Information

Visipaque is a contrast agent that allows doctors to better diagnose diseases of the heart, brain, kidney, blood vessels and other major organs.


 Additional Information

Contrast agents, in general, are fluids that are injected into a subject’s blood stream to enhance the images, or pictures, of certain body organ structures or processes obtained during diagnostic imaging procedures. This enhancement enables physicians to more accurately detect, diagnose, and properly treat disease, states, and functional abnormalities, such as tumors and cardiovascular disorders.

Each year, as many as 18 million subjects in the United States undergo X-rays and other diagnostic procedures that require the administration of contrast media to aid in the detailed visualization of internal organs and tissues.

Source: centerwatch