Genetic Technologist

Job Description

Oncologica provides precision oncology testing to address the growing demand for molecular profiling of cancer patients for targeted therapies. Oncologica delivers state-of-the-art molecular tissue analytics for cancer diagnosis, patient stratification and personalised medicine to maximise treatment benefit and reduce healthcare costs. We perform new generation molecular profiling for cancer targeted therapies utilising high-throughput next generation sequencing platforms (NGS) and molecular probes (FISH/CISH/DDISH) for detection of actionable mutations, fusion transcripts and copy number variations. Our portfolio of services also include IHC protein expression profiling for protein based companion diagnostics.

Oncologica also functions as a Contract Research Organisation to support biomarker and drug development programmes worldwide. We capitalise on our extensive knowledge base in anatomical and molecular oncopathology to provide high quality and cost effective Contract Research Services to support theranostic programmes at all stages of the development pipeline, from discovery through preclinical development to clinical trials.

In addition, Oncologica runs its own in-house R&D programmes focusing on the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic intervention strategies targeting the cell cycle machinery.

The principal role for this appointment is to assist with the day-to-day running and delivery of the Diagnostic Genomic Services for Oncologica Ltd. This role will include, but is not limited to, sample reception, cutting of high quality paraffin sections and curls, extraction of DNA and RNA from FFPE samples and performance of semi-conductor next generation sequencing assays for actionable mutations. The post holder will also assist with ordering, stock maintenance and will be expected to contribute to the Oncologica Quality Management System.

The hours of work are 37.5; the distribution of these hours is at the discretion of the Scientific Director.
Oncologica has adopted an equal opportunities policy and specific regard should be taken of its content in relation to the treatment of employees or potential employees.

Overseas applicants must hold professional qualifications equivalent to membership of the Association of Clinical Scientists and registration of the Healthcare Professions Council state registration in the UK. It is expected that proof of acceptance by these UK bodies for membership to perform diagnostics services within the UK would be required by all overseas applicants.

This job description is not meant to be restrictive or exhaustive and duties may change in response to changing circumstances. These will be discussed with the post holder.

What You Do

Assist in the efficient day-to-day running and delivery of the Tissue-Based Services and the Diagnostic Genomic Services including: 

  1. To deliver the highest standard of quality throughout the Oncologica laboratory service
  2. To perform high quality Next Generation Sequencing assays
  3. Stock checks and ordering of consumables 
  4. To assist in the maintenance and monitoring of the equipment inventory and ensure the equipment is maintained in good working order in compliance with ISO15189 standards
  5. To actively participate in clinical validation activities
  6. To participate in UK NEQAS Molecular Genetics and UK NEQAS ICC&ISH as required
  7. To contribute to the continually improving and expanding diagnostics services provided by the Oncologica Genomics unit
  8. To keep abreast of new developments, e.g. attendance and participation at meetings
  9. To assist with the production of workload statistics within the laboratory
  10. To comply with Health & Safety regulations within the laboratory
  11. To contribute to and help maintain the Oncologica Quality Management System procedures
  12. To be aware of and act upon;
    – Disciplinary procedures
    – Disciplinary rules
    – Grievance procedures
    – Section 7 & 8 of the Health & Safety at Work Act
    – Organisational Fire Guidelines
    – Equal Opportunities Policy

Essential Requirements

  1. Significant experience of working in a clinical/diagnostic laboratory, with particular reference to molecular profiling either by PCR based methods (i.e. single gene mutation analysis) or multiplex sequencing.
  2. Experience working to ISO15189 standards and working with a Quality Management System
  3. Next-Generation Sequencing experience
  4. Proficient in the use of laboratory equipment
  5. Ability to write protocols and other QMS documents
  6. Proficient with various IT systems
  7. Ability to work to deadlines
  8. Able to maintain confidentiality and act in a professional manner
  9. Show evidence of commitment to continuing personal and professional development
  10. Ability to communicate efficiently with people both within and external to the laboratory in both verbal and written English
  11. Demonstrate good interpersonal and relationship skills
  12. Awareness of Good Clinical Practice and Health & Safety in a Laboratory environment

Desirable Requirements

  • Next-Generation Sequencing experience
  • Hold and maintain HCPC / other relevant registration
  • Knowledge of developments in molecular pathology and cancer genetics
  • Knowledge of molecular techniques including PCR