A Revolutionary Cancer Test.

Tailoring the best therapy for every cancer patient

The Oncofocus test can identify new treatment options in 90% of patients.

734 Targeted therapies 505 Targeted genes 90% Probability of success in identifying the correct treatment 15 days Test execution time
and clinical report delivery

The future of precision oncology is already here.

Since 2015 Oncologica offers the Oncofocus DNA Cancer Test, the world’s most comprehensive precision oncology test that precisely identifies the right drug for every patient’s cancer thereby increasing chances of a successful treatment.

The Oncofocus Test is performed on the routine histology samples that have been used to make the initial diagnosis (which are usually held in the treating hospital's pathology archive) so the patient does not normally require any additional biopsies or blood tests. Samples can be sent through our free international shipment service. Once the Test is complete, the piece will be returned to the hospital.
The Oncofocus Test is used today throughout the world with extraordinary results.

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Response rates to target therapies

Therapies identified by Oncofocus© Test

Therapies prescribed without Oncofocus© Test

Increasing the chances of a successful treatment

The Oncofocus test can identify new treatment options in 90% of patients.

The Oncofocus Test is applicable to all solid tumour types included colon cancer - prostate cancer - bladder cancer – pancreatic cancer – liver cancer – prostate cancer – lung cancer – non small cell lung cancer – kidney cancer – breast cancer – skin cancer – neck cancer – brain cancer – ovarian cancer – uterine cancer – stomach cancer and all other solid tumour types and is now being performed worldwide for both early stage and advanced stage disease patients.

Oncofocus Cancer Test works by firstly sequencing the DNA and RNA of the patient's tumour. The sequencing of DNA and RNA identifies genetic mutations specific to the individual's tumor and generates a personalised genetic profile. The detected mutations are then directly matched to the most appropriate and available anti-cancer drugs which have been approved by all the regulators worldwide.

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New anti-cancer breakthrough

Chemotherapy affects both normal cells and cancer cells. The killing of normal cells results in serious side effects such as hair loss, nausea, infections and anaemia. The therapies identified with the Oncofocus test on the other hand are much more effective because they specifically hit their target mutations which are present only in cancer cells.

This means normal cells are unaffected by the treatment thereby minimising toxic side effects. In addition, most of these drugs are pills that are given orally and therefore don’t require hospital admission.

Identifying the most effective treatment options

Oncofocus cancer test is the only precision oncology test available entirely based on clinical evidence. All the information that we use to link a mutation to a targeted therapy is supported by evidence validated for clinical use. We include all the drugs approved by all the regulators worldwide (FDA, EMA, ESMO and NCCN) and those that are currently tested as part of controlled clinical trials, ensuring therefore the best level of clinical evidence.

Clinical Report

1 Actionable mutations overview

The Oncofocus Report includes a comprehensive picture of all the actionable mutations detected through the sequencing of the patient’s tumour.

2 Applicable treatment options

The Oncofocus® Report indicates for each variant whether or not there are approved therapies or clinical trials ongoing.

3 Therapy Summary

The Report analyzes the FDA, EMA, ESMO and NCCN guidelines of the relevant targeted therapies.

4 Clinical Trials References

The Report provides information on relevant ongoing clinical trials along with the trial phase and the contact details of the clinical referrals.

Oncologica® has developed a DNA test which allows medical professionals select the appropriate precision cancer treatment to defeat tumours.

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