The most advanced testing platforms
to predict response to immunotherapy

What is Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is an anti cancer treatment that stimulates the reaction of our own immune system to cancer cells and is now becoming a front line treatment for many tumour types.

The impact of this revolutionary new treatment was recently
recognized by the award of the Nobel Prize for Medicine to
Prof Allison
(University of Texas) and Prof Honjo (Kyoto
University) who discovered this new approach to cancer therapy.

Immunotherapy drugs have been proven to be effective in prolonging the lives of patients with advanced cancers
but with far less toxic side effects than chemotherapy.

Does Immunotherapy work for everyone?

Immunotherapy doesn’t work for everyone: in some patients it appears to work incredibility well, completely destroying tumours even after they have begun to spread around the body, but for other patients the response can be less dramatic.

In routine clinical practice it is therefore necessary to establish if the patient will respond or not to immunotherapy treatments.

Oncologica s Immunofocus tests can identify patients who are most likely to benefit from this type of therapy.

Oncologica's Immunofocus tests

Immunofocus testing platforms enable patients to be identified who
may benefit
from this type of treatment.


Immunofocus TMB Test assesses the number of mutations (and the related number of neoantigens) in the cancer cell. The higher the tumour mutational burden, the higher the chance for the individual to respond to Immunotherapy.


Immunofocus PD-L1 Test measures the expression levels of PD-L1 protein which can be used to identify those patients most likely to respond to PD-1/PD-L1 directed immunotherapies


Immunofocus MMR Test analyses the Mismatch Repair genes (MLH1, MSH2, MSH6 and PMS2) to identify DNA repair defects linked to response to immunotherapy.

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