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Oncologica Ltd. to open lab in Dublin


Oncologica, a cutting-edge precision cancer testing company is planning to open a laboratory in Dublin.

Co-founded by Cambridge-based professor Gareth Williams and Dr Marco Loddo, the company is already working with the leading oncologist Dr David Fennelly who is a consultant at St Vincent’s Hospital and the Blackrock Clinic, as well as general practitioner Dr Joe Gilvarry.

Oncologica has developed a DNA test which allows medical professionals select the appropriate precision cancer treatment to defeat tumours.

Wllliams told The Sunday Business Post that “there has been no simple way of linking a patient’s tumour until now to the most powerful drugs to treat it”.

Oncologica launched its testing product, Oncofocus, in Ireland in March, and it is already being used by some oncologists here. Williams said his company helped doctors decide on the best cancer treatment for their patients rather than finding out by trial and error.

“With infectious diseases it is important to link the right bug to the right treatment, and in cancer it is exactly the same. The technology is designed to precisely match a patient’s tumour with the most effective drugs” he said.

Williams said Oncologica was in talks with both public and private hospitals in Dublin about where best to locate its new facility.

Our oncology test is transfoming the management of cancer patients, moving away from the era of toxic non-specific cancer treatments developed in the early 20th century to the use of the new generation of biological anti-cancer agents called targeted therapies.” he said.

Joe Gilvarry said he had become interested in Oncologica because it allowed more patients be treated in primary care facilities rather than having to go into specialised hospitals.

“I saw the ability of this test to help patients and help outcomes as well,” he said.

Oncologica has appointed Kitty Wllliams, a corporate lawyer and trained nurse from Mayo, as its commercial manager.

“It was always the plan to head to Ireland once we were making progress. We want to open our main operational lab in Ireland. The uptake in Ireland has been incredibly good,” she said.


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