Oncofocus® Cancer Test and targeted therapies. The Revolution in cancer treatment has begun.

Chemotherapy is no longer the only option against cancer, there are now more than 600 targeted therapies available to treat solid tumours. Targeted therapies are the cornerstone of personalized medicine, a form of medicine that uses information about a person’s DNA profile to treat cancer.

The Oncofocus® test can identify new treatment options in 85% of patients who have supposedly exhausted standard treatments protocols.

Watch the video with:

Dr David Fennelly
St Vincent’s Hospital and Blackrock clinic, Dublin

Dr Joe Gilvarry
General Practitioner
Killala, County Mayo, Ireland

Prof Gareth H Williams
Oncologica® Ltd Medical Director

Dr Marco Loddo
Oncologica® Ltd Scientific Director

Kitty Williams
Oncologica® Ltd Senior Commercial Manager