Genomic Profiling Cancer Tests

The world’s most comprehensive precision oncology test to identify the most effective anti cancer treatment for your patient’s cancer.
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Immunofocus is an in-house validated IHC assay generating a tumour score that can be used as a guide to predict response to anti PD-1/PD-L1 directed therapies.

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Patient Experiences

  • Want to thank all the oncologica staff that dealt with our test. Found them extremely professional, helpful and very considerate. Also test results have given me new treatment options.

  • "I was fortunate in having this test, which helped the Oncology team to tailor the Treatment to my Diagnosis".

  • "…….. recommendations in the type of drugs I should be taking, after a battle here I got onto a programme and they did a rescan of my Brain tumour last week after 4 weeks of treatment and it has reduced by 50% which is the first time in 7 months". 

  • "Just say many thanks for forwarding the report and I am pleased to say it came in time for me to be able to speak with my Consultant about the findings and this is already proving extremely helpful in planning the next stage of my treatment - extremely grateful to you and please pass on my regards to you and your team for pulling out the stops - most appreciated…"

  • "Thank you so much, you have all been absolutely incredible from start to finish, amazing…I will be writing a massive review…thanks again" 

  • "My wife is now on a targeted therapy programme rather than chemo or radiation. She is doing great, you helped save her life, thanks"

  • "…No you were not just doing your job... you guided us to get the sample to Oncologica and 'went the extra mile' to get the

    sample through customs. You are 'the best of the best'. You have been such a godsend in a challenging time in our lives"

  • "You have been so incredibly kind, helpful and patient for which you have my eternal gratitude………once again thank you so much…"

  • "I just wanted to say thanks for the really excellent service from Oncologica - the report arrived today, and the path there has been so smooth - we really do appreciate it!

    ….again I would add that the process has been made extremely easy for me as an administrator, for which I am also grateful!"

    Spire, Leicester

  • Louise, thank you very for all your help in getting this test done.
    Kind regards

  • "…….as for my health. My last scan is looking better and treatment is continuing, there's another treatment available in the wings thanks to Oncologica.  I heard the interview, by chance, on Newstalk with Pat Kenny. So did many of my friends. It was very accessible to the layman and most interesting.

    Again, my sincere thanks to all your friendly, helpful and efficient team" 

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