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Oncologica is a leading cancer genetics laboratory delivering targeted testing for early cancer detection and advanced genomics for personalised treatments.

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imageResearch and Development and Consulting ServicesOur technology accelerates this new era of precision medicine by using state of the art molecular profiling
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 Precisely matching a patient's   cancer with the right   targeted therapy

Oncofocus matches tumor genetics with targeted therapies and immunotherapies, based on solid evidence, enhancing treatment accuracy and outcomes. This marks a major step in personalized care, redefining global oncology standards.

Guiding Patients to the right Immunotherapy approach

By evaluating the tumor's mutational burden, this validated approach identifies patients likely to respond to immunotherapy, offering a targeted treatment pathway ensuring a personalized match with the most effective therapies, reducing side effects, and potentially increasing survival in advanced cancers.

 Transforming early prostate   cancer detection through urine liquid biopsy technology

ProstateFocus revolutionises early prostate cancer detection with a non-invasive, highly accurate urine test, detecting early curable cancer and reducing unnecessary procedures.


“I have no doubts, this test will be the standard of cancer care...”

Dr David Fennelly is a leading expert Medical Oncologist at St Vincent Hospital, Dublin, Ireland and talks about the impact of precision oncology in driving the new revolution in cancer care.

Research & Development Programmes

Theranostic patient-centered strategies are often directed against complex and redundant growth signalling networks from surface ligands and receptors through transducers to downstream effector molecules.

Oncologica’s alternative genetic testing approach is to target the cell cycle machinery, which acts as a convergence point for information transduced through upstream signalling networks and therefore represents an exceptionally attractive diagnostic and therapeutic target.

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Oncologica’s Genomic Research Services provide high quality genetic testing and bioinformatics solutions.
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About Oncologica

Globally 18 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year resulting in 10 million deaths and notably cancer rates are predicted to rise by another 50% in the next decade.

Oncologica is addressing this healthcare crisis in two ways. The first is to harness innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop new ways for screening people for early cancer when it is still at a curable stage. The second approach is for the treatment of more advanced disease in which we are harnessing the power of cancer genomics and molecular pathology to match a patients’ cancer with the the most appropriate new personalised treatments.

Our R&D programmes in early cancer detection and treatment are being driven forward by the recent ground breaking advances in innovative technologies such as AI based algorithms, digital pathology and high-throughput precision genomics helping us provide the best possible solutions to address the worldwide epidemic in cancer
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Scientific Advisory Panel

imageProf. Julian BarwellMBBS BSc PhD FRCP (UK) AFHEA

Julian is a consultant clinical genetics at the University Hospitals of Leicester with an honorary professorship in Cancer Studies. He has a specialist interest in familial cancer susceptibility and the implementation of genomic medicine in every day healthcare.

imageProf. Sir Dillwyn WilliamsFMEDSCI FRCP FRCPath FLSW

Former: Vice-Provost, Wales Univ. College of Medicine; Prof of Histopathology, Cambridge University; President British Medical Association Royal College of Pathologists President; Learned Society of Wales Fellow; Academy of Medical Sciences Fellow (FMedSci); Honorary Fellow Christ’s College, Cambridge University.

imageDr David FenellyMD FRCPI ESMO

Former: Consultant Medical Oncologist St Vincent’s University Hospital (SVUH); St Luke’s Hospital, National Maternity Hospital; St. Vincent’s Private Hospital; and Blackrock Clinic, Dublin; Member of International Advisory Board of Oneview Ltd. and Oneview Healthcare PLC; Member Director Centre for Colorectal Disease of SVUH.

imageProf. Umberto TirelliMD

Former: Consultant Medical Oncologist National Cancer Institute Aviano; Specialist in Oncology, Hematology and Infectious Diseases;  Italian Republic Commendatore, awarded by the President of the Republic for scientific merit; co-founder and VP of the Associazione Scientifica Galileo 2001.

imageProf. Sergio Del BiancoMD

Former: Medical Oncologist. Director of: international centre for Precision Oncology, Sanatrix Private Hospital, Rome, and Contract Prof of Medical Oncology, La Sapienza Rome University Consultant of Salem Oncology Center, Houston TX, U.S.A.  Member of A.S.C.O. (American Society of Medical Oncology), member of E.S.M.O. (European Society of Medical Oncology).

imageProf. Daniele GeneraliMD

Former: Consultant Medical Oncologist, Azienda Istituti Ospitalieri, Cremona and Prof of Medical Oncology, Trieste University; Former Prof of Molecular Oncology, Institute of Molecular Medicine, Oxford University. Member of the Board of European Commission for initiative on Breast Cancer.