Oncofocus® Cancer Test is now covered by all leading health insurers

Following signature of an agreement between Oncologica® UK Ltd and another UK private medical insurer, all the leading UK health insurers’ customers now have access to the Oncofocus® Cancer Test.

The Oncofocus® Cancer Test is the world’s most comprehensive genomic profiling platform test that enables oncologists to select precisely the most effective targeted therapies and immunotherapies for their patients when certain clinical criteria are met.

London, UK, 8th March 2019

Today Oncologica® UK Ltd. announces the signature of a commercial relationship with a leading UK private medical insurer that allows funding of the Oncofocus® Cancer Test. The relationship will enable the insurer’s customers, meeting strict clinical criteria, access to the world’s most comprehensive precision oncology test that enables them to be matched precisely to the most relevant targeted therapies and immunotherapies, improving day-to-day care and delivering the best outcomes.

The insurer will fund the Oncofocus® Cancer Test when the following clinical criteria are met:

  • Advanced common cancers not responding to standard treatment

  • Cancers for which there is no standard therapy

  • Carcinoma of unknown origin

The Oncofocus® Cancer Test analyses the DNA and RNA extracted from the routine biopsy sample. Oncofocus® currently profiles 505 genes with linkage to around 700 targeted therapies and immunotherapies. It detects thousands of genetic variants across the most clinically relevant cancer driver genes. All the variants detected are “actionable”, and therefore, treatable by targeted therapies either on-market FDA or EMA approved, carrying ESMO and NCCN guideline references, or currently in clinical trials (phases I to IV) worldwide.

Oncofocus® is a dynamic test and is updated on a 12 weekly basis to reflect changes in approval status of drugs and progress of clinical trials worldwide.

About Oncologica® UK Ltd

Oncologica® UK Ltd. is an internationally recognised, leading precision oncology profiling company that delivers personalised medicine solutions for people with cancer. Oncologica® is focused on addressing the growing demand for molecular profiling of cancer patients for targeted therapies by using its in-depth expertise and knowledge of molecular diagnostics. It established the first laboratory in Europe with state-of-the-art diagnostic platforms that enable comprehensive linkage of specific cancer genetic alterations to the most appropriate targeted therapy.

Oncologica® also functions as a Contract Research Organization to support biomarker and drug development programmes worldwide. Using their extensive knowledge in anatomical and molecular oncopathology, Oncologica® can provide high quality and cost-effective Contract Research Services to support theranostic programmes at all stages of the development pipeline. In addition, Oncologica® runs its own in-house R&D programmes that focus on development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic intervention strategies targeting the cell cycle machinery.