Dr Marco Loddo

BSc PhD, Co-founder and Scientific Director

Dr Loddo BSc, PhD undertook his post-graduate training in the Department of Pathology at University College London in which he combined anatomical pathology, cell cycle research and functional genomics to identify new diagnostic and therapeutic intervention strategies for the improved clinical management of cancer patients.

During his 13 years at UCL he has directed the research and development of novel diagnostic approaches for predicting response to molecularly targeted agents against the oncogenic growth signalling pathways and cell cycle machinery.

His research has focused on exploiting the DNA replication initiation machinery and mitotic regulators to identify new translational theranostic opportunities to support the new era of personalised medicine. This multi-disciplinary research has generated a number of discoveries in relation to cancer screening and predictive testing for anti-cancer agents in solid tumours.

These discoveries have been patented, commercialised by biopharma and are currently undergoing clinical trials. In addition to the diagnostic applications, his research identified a number of potent anti-cancer targets that are now being developed in-house within the R&D arm of Oncologica®.

Dr Loddo’s background and experience includes biomarker discovery and validation, development of companion diagnostics for molecularly targeted therapies, translational medicine and clinical trials. Dr Loddo has brought this wealth of experience in molecular pathology analytics and targeted therapies to Oncologica® in his role as the Scientific Director for the company.